Alex Brakawar Brakale

Alessandro Bracale aka Alex Brakale was born in Naples the 29th July 1981. He loves house music in all its forms, tech house, deep house and techno.

His career began in 2006 where with dj and producer such Yana Nusolution Kellyyss, they promoted the Mind & Soul project clubbing. With producers such DaSouL and Fabry Diglio, Alessandro formed the Deep Character releasing music on labels like, Double Cheese Records, King Street, Nite Grooves, Liberate, Seasons Limited. Beetwen 2007-2012, He creates the group "Man Beat" playing togheter with DJs like Roger Frank, Rocco Rodamaal, the Mood, Rowing, in the most important center and night event in Naples. In meanwhile, He becomes promoter and creator of events like Musical Aperitif. A few years later he met Mr. Alioscia Mele, great artists of international fame which helped Alessandro to launch his music career, increasing his musical knowledge. Other releases and appereances of Alex are on Whitech Rec, LB Rec, Bunz Music, Yousel Rec, Four Peas Rec and others. Recently Alex is going to run, with Deepervoices studio’ Chief Audio Engineer Francesco Aka, Yana NuSolution, his own Label Project Recordings called DualOrbit Recordings.

Alex Brakale - Brakawar