Katze aka La Frip's




Lyon, France





When and why did you start playing/producing music?

I started to play music at 16 years old, before that, i made music without instrument for 5 years.

Do you play an instrument?

I play guitar, synth and some drums.

.My first instrument was an old guitar, who had a very strange sound, my finger was sore when i played it !

What was the first tune(s) you learned?

The first tune that i learn to play is « stairway to heaven » led zeppelin, i learnt all part of this song because i love much the band.

Is your family musical? (if yes, Describe your family member's musical interests andabilities.)

My father loves music and since i was a young boy, he taught me what is a good tune.

Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

The famous musicians that i admire is jimmy hendrix and robert plant, big creators of music, the latter guy invented a new style of music with old instrument and search some new sonority with the technology.

Who was your first teacher? Other teachers?

My first teacher is a friend from school who released an album and make some dates in pubs !

Do you perform in public? Describe those occasions? Concerts, radio, TV?

i made a lot of representation with my band, before to leave it and decide to produce techno music.

What makes a good producing session?

A good production session is a session who feel the groove !

How often and for how long do you produce?

I produce techno since one year, but i produce music since 3 years.

What do you like to play - exercises, new tunes, hard tunes, etc.?

I like make exercises and love to play old tunes.

Why did you choice to produce music with The DualOrbit Crew?

I choose to produce with dual orbit because the feeling of the music that match to my way of thinking about music .