LP02 Flying Saucer Crew Vol 2

The DualOrbit ‘Flying Saucer Crew’ is turning back on its magnetic force with a new bright arrays of Techno and House music collected in this exclusive Vol.2 projected with colors and frequencies of its Artistics Rays. Tuning your attention to these strings means give them the opportunity of charging a space of your emotional cup with their feeling of Universal Freedom!


DualOrbit's music and services are dedicated to The Most High Source of Universe. Our special thanks goes to all those good friends and brothers who are supporting our music work and good cause to expand worldwide.

All Tracks has been Mixed and Mastered at

@Deepervoices-studio (Italy)

Cover artwork by Luca della Monica (Italy)

LP Releases Previews

20th April 2016

V.A. Flying Saucer Crew Vol.2

Exclusive Date Release on