EP016 Inner Soul

Inner Soul EP




Universes on universes have taken shape: which of these images is our Image? DualOrbit Music Host Helly Larson’s inner state is projected outside in universal ethers outpicturing music by his own Heart, the Essential’s voice, the poised and stillness of Universal Soul managing to drive and lift up all living Life in the place in which no veils overshadow the Soul’s Cosmic Eternal blueprint of all Good.

DualOrbit's music and services are dedicated to The Most High Source of Universe. Our special thanks goes to all those good friends who are supporting our music work and good cause to expand worldwide.


Track Mastered at

@Deepervoices-studio (Italy)

Cover Alioscia Mele (Italy)


Deep House

Released by:

DualOrbit Recordings

Release date:

29 May 2017

29th May