EP006 Deep Static

Deep Static EP

22th October 2016


Introspective, deep, atmospheric; DualOrbit Spaceship Crew, Helly Larson, is tuning and releasing forth a stream of new musical substance that will fill the intuition’s field within all who is looking for the Essential, bringing a new perspective and understanding of our Life on Earth.

These frequencies woven of such light are tremendous blessings that the intellect alone hardly can handle with its reasoning and are shaking the foundation of this creation.

We are the movement and the stillness.


DualOrbit's music and services are dedicated to The Most High Source of Universe. Our special thanks goes to all those good friends who are supporting our music work and good cause to expand worldwide.


All Tracks has been Mixed and Mastered at

@Deepervoices-studio (Italy)

Cover artwork by Alioscia Mele (Italy)