Audio Engineer Bio

Deepervoices studio’s Chief Engineer Savarese Francesco aka Yana Nusolution born in 1981 and started in the music production at the age of 17; being passionate of all dance music but strongly influenced by deep house. Years later he started his first home studio project where soon he had several EPs releases by labels such Nightdrive music rec, 2600 rec. Soul industries; his musical productions were much appreciated and supported by artists such Andrè Kroenert, The Messenger, El Farouki etc. During his carrier in musical production, Francesco went deeply discovering the world of professional studio recordings to increase the quality of musical works. After 2 year of full immersion at the school, at the age of 26, he attained the master graduation in audio engineering, in the 2007. He focalized and specialized his own understanding and knowledge in mixing and mastering part of audio music signals procession and started to collaborate in this way with many electronic music artists to improve the quality of audio end productions for his companions and own music. Francesco is also a freelancer being specialized on mixing console for staging and recording. In the last few years, he started is own professional studio recording collecting a team of audio engineers called Deepervoices studio, to give service and a loud, deeper voice, to all those young electronic music artists, producers, and labels that want be heard with the best audio quality without all the expensive costs that professional studios offer usually. Recently togheter his brother Alessandro Bracale aka Alex Brakale is running his first label project called DualOrbit Recordings; the label features pieces of cool electronic sounds from DualOrbit roaster members to form music compositions for your club & home entertainment.