Many compositions are wonderfull but the poor quality sound of the mix make a mess of it above all when they are masterized without a professional mix ! This is the situation of many, producers and labels.

Only Stereo Mastering cannot work magic. It adds depth, punch, clarity and volume to your mixdown, but you’ll never get a poor mix to sound like a high end production. Here re-mixing the song using our Mixing & Mastering service, will almost always lead to greater satisfaction.

For best result, we prefer do mixing and mastering the entire song from our output.



•Export all channels tracks of the song at 44.100, 24 BIT.wav, set the time locators to start till end of the song.

•Pull off all kind of dynamic processors (compression and limiter) to each track.

•FXs (reverb, delay etc.) can be included and processed in the track or you can send us FX’s bus tracks rendered.

•Send us your personal mix of the song.

•Write us your preference and personal notes for your song that you want us to observe.

•Send us E-mail.

We will process and mix all tracks rendered in our master out.

After rendered a master preview, we will send you out a preview file where you can choose to do any volume variation in the mix you prefer personally.



info: deepervoices@gmail.com




'Copy and Paste' the e-mail and send all waves files of the song compressed in a ZIP/RAR folder by using some Host file (www.wetransfer.com) by clicking