What is the Audio Mastering?


If you have never produced a track Dance, House, Techno or Trance, and you've then be compared to those that are currently present in the charts of the genre, you will realize that your material does not sound so "big", "strong", "full" and not far enough on the "low" as it happens in the"hit"of your favorite producers. What is missing in your track is just the "Mastering", a stage production of the musical imperative, during which, using different audio processors dedicated operating in order to enhance the energy of the LF, the spatiality of the Image Stereo the impact and momentum of the Rhythm Section, the intelligibility of the vocal part and finally greatly increases the volume average earnings.




'Copy and Paste' the e-mail and send all waves files of the song compressed in a ZIP/RAR folder by using some Host file ( by clicking